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 haai :D Zename here

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haai :D Zename here Empty
PostSubject: haai :D Zename here   haai :D Zename here EmptyThu Jul 30, 2009 4:16 pm

like my name says KyleHac obviosly because its my name but like my ign is Zename so yea Razz
sooo ima introduce myself now,
Im kyle
Im 15-16 u know wut i mean
Im cool
I like to txt
I like the color blue
I like to make my ig avatars look like they r freezing cold-wearing winter cloths ect.
I like this clan
I like Persona 3 perferable although i have yet to play 4
I like pizza
I dislike h8ers
I dislike your mother -this is a joke unless ur mother IS a h8er-
I enjoy bikerides on the beach along a warm sunny cost in Florida....LOL
ok so that about covers it... kinda
allllso though-lol-
Im in a band and play bass for any1 who needs pointers I MAY be able to help it depends lol
also fotoshop is gr8
so if u would like my help in you having an awsomely sexy sig itll be 20$ jk just hit me up and ill decide if ur idea for your sig will be fun to make and yea for free im not a jerk :]
so THAT about covers it
this is Zen and have a nice day Very Happy

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haai :D Zename here
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