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 The BlackList

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PostSubject: The BlackList   The BlackList EmptyWed Jul 29, 2009 11:58 pm

Avoid parties or trading with any of these people. They are here for a reason.

Nouhime (ArcanaBR Clan) - Scamming, Stealing
The Entire Horizon Clan - Stealing, Destroying our reputation, simply being assholes
Violent ( Horizon ) - Language, Stealing, same thing as the Horizon Clan, Dishonesty, Disrupting the clan chat, harassment of clan members, stealing clan members for his own clan.
Zeromage - Language, stealing, scamming
Zbela ( Horizon/?Souless? ) Language, stealing, scamming
Zurass ( Horizon ) Language, stealing, scamming
Triste - Language, Harassment
unknowngunsman - Language, Harassment, Excessive Kill Stealing
Accsquad5 - Language and Harassment
Bizi/iziB - Harassment, Annoyance, Leaving parties for stupid reasons.
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The BlackList
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