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 Moderator Applications

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PostSubject: Moderator Applications   Moderator Applications EmptySun Jun 28, 2009 7:32 pm

When applying for moderator, people will vote whether or not they think you are worthy of the application. If I approve, you will be a moderator.

Moderator Applications should be in this format :

1. Why do you think you should be a moderator?

2. What is your age?

3. How long have you been in this clan?

4. What can you contribute to this forum?

5. Are you currently a clan sub-leader?

6. How many clan rules are there?

7. How many times can you go on a week? ( In-game or forum doesn't matter )

8. Tell a funny joke. clown lol!

9. Answer this riddle : This place you go in with closed eyes, but you leave with open eyes. ( It's not what you think it is ) geek

10. Have you broken ANY clan rules at all?

11. Etc.

That is all.
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Moderator Applications
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