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 Rules : Obey or Die

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Rules : Obey or Die Empty
PostSubject: Rules : Obey or Die   Rules : Obey or Die EmptyMon Jun 29, 2009 2:40 am


This clan has a warning system of three strikes. Obviously, three strikes, you're out. Strikes expire after 11 days of no rule breaking. If you are a sub, you may lose your authority.

I. Respect other clan mates and others. If they started anything, go crazy Smile [ 1 strike ]

II. No scamming other people. [ Insta-kick ]

III. AeriaGames's rules apply. [ Varies ]

IV. School and work over the game. [ You waste your education/ money ]

V. Be active at least 2~3 times a day. If you will be inactive for a period of time, please contact me. [ I filter out the inactive members every 2 weeks ]

VI. No racism. [ 2.9 strikes ]

VII. Keep your problems to yourself, don't get the clan involved. [ 2 strikes ]

VIII. Don't beg. [ 1.49 strikes ]

IX. Don't make a bad name for the clan by being an ass. [ 2 strikes ]

X. Be talkative, the guild chat is there for a reason. [ 0.9 strikes ]

XI. No drama please. [ 0.5 strikes ]

XII. Hacking? Botting? Tsk tsk. [ Insta-kick ]

XIII. Don't judge people for their low levels. [ 0.8 strikes ]

XIV. Don't spam the forums. [ Varies/ Forum ban ]

XV. Don't flame unless in a comical way. [ 0.5 strikes ]

If you break a rule, your name will be displayed here. Your name will be removed after 11 days of rule breaking. If you do screw up REAL bad, your name will be displayed in the wall of shame.
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Rules : Obey or Die
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